Lasco Laser and Instrument Company has been repairing, calibrating and selling construction lasers since 1975.  We are an authorized warranty and non warranty repair center for most all laser and instruments on the market.

Lasco Laser and Instrument Company can still repair many (NOT ALL) of the older Laser Alignment Lasers.  Like the Laser Alignment LB-4, 4700, LB-10, LB-1, LB-2, 6700 and Laser Alignment 360 sensors.

The normal repair time for most repairs, are about 5 to 10 days.  LASCO's service technicians are all factory trained and have an associates degree in electronic repair, with an average of 20 year experience.

Lasco Laser and Instrument Company has always had a policy of estimating all repairs.  The customer is always called first before any repair are completed. We suggest that all customers ship their lasers in the original carrying case whenever possible to avoid any further damage to the laser.